10 Things About McDonald’s You Never Knew her

Almost everyone who reads this has probably tasted a McDonald's cheeseburger at some point or at the very least is familiar with the eatery's fabled Golden Arches. And you might have read innumerable articles on the bad impacts of the fast food juggernaut and watched countless news reports about problems with food safety.

10 Things You Never Knew About McDonald’s

But that's not the purpose of our visit today. I want to concentrate on some good, fantastic, and merely fascinating facts regarding McDonald's here. Ten facts about McDonald's that you probably didn't know are listed below.

McDonald’s Started Out Selling Hot Dogs

10 Things About McDonald’s You Never Knew her

Maurice "Mac" and Richard "Dick" McDonald, two brothers, used a $5,000 loan to launch the global company that is now known as McDonald's in the 1930s. Their eatery in California, Monrovia, was once known as the Airdrome, and the menu was mostly comprised of hot dogs. They relocated their business to San Bernardino in 1940 and renamed the name McDonald's Barbecue, but during the following several years, it was still not as successful as the lads had hoped.
The establishment was briefly closed in 1948 while funds and ideas were collected, and it was later revived as the McDonald's we currently know. The menu was condensed and concentrated on the still popular milkshakes, fries, and burgers. The "Speedee System"—the assembly line method still in use today—was taken from the auto industry. This marked the start of the restaurant chain that established the benchmark for the fast food sector.[1]

The Hamburger Is Healthier edging The Caesar Salad

10 Things About McDonald’s You Never Knew her

If the kids are gorging on fatty fries and burgers, you might want to reconsider buying that salad from McDonald's after reading this! It was all mirrors and smoke when the McDonald's Caesar salad was developed to address society's concerns about obesity rates. McDonald's large Caesar salads include 21.4 grams of fat and 425 calories (with the regular dressing and croutons). The hamburger, in contrast, contains only 7.7 grams of fat and 253 calories. A noticeable change!
Furthermore, it has been established that even the iconic chicken nuggets McDonald's—which health authorities have decried for years—contain fat and fewer calories than some of the so-called "healthy selections."[2] You could say, "But what about the fries." The hamburger meal contains 16.7 grams and 459 calories of fat when a side of fries is included. Despite having more calories, it has fewer fat calories than the salad. For the health nuts out there, the calorie and fat content of the Caesar salad significantly decreases when the croutons and creamy dressing are omitted. Nevertheless, why not reward yourself?

The Queen Of England and McDonald’s

10 Things About McDonald’s You Never Knew her

The McDonald's franchise even has the Queen of England involved! The franchise under consideration is that of Park Banbury Gateway Shopping, which is located around (80 mi) 130 kilometers outside of London. The restaurant stands out from the competition because of its leather sofas, contemporary digital menu boards, complimentary Samsung tablets, and table service.[3] The brand is not technically held by the queen herself. The Crown Estate owns the property on which it is located.
This McDonald's franchise is not the first one to be located on assets acquired by the Crown Estate, which is a further surprise. For £92 million, Park Bath Road Retail was bought in 2008. It also had a McDonald's, Mothercare, JJB Sports, and Comet in addition to a B&Q superstore. In 2016, this property was sold.

McDonald’s refrains from hiring Serve A Customer On Horseback In The Drive

10 Things About McDonald’s You Never Knew her

A lady was punished in 2013 when she drove her horse through a Manchester McDonald's drive-thru. Employees at McDonald's allegedly sent her away as she was mounted. The woman then brought her horse into the eatery, where it threw up on the floor. Only the adult was prosecuted; the younger girl, who was riding a pony, was not.
The fast food place's reply was to file a lawsuit against the woman, saying that she had upset customers and staff. She was also penalized for the additional health and safety concerns brought on by her actions. Then, McDonald's issued a statement explaining that they are unable to serve people traveling on horseback, bicycle, or foot through the drive-thru for the health and safety of customers and staff.[4]
There was a further incident in 2018 when a guy tried through cars to drive his horse in Suffolk (pictured above). According to witnesses, a woman had to leave the fast food establishment to refuse the guy's service and assist him in tying up his horse so that he would rather obtain his coffee indoors. What excellent client service!

80,000 People Approximately Have A Bachelor’s Degree In Hamburgerology

10 Things About McDonald’s You Never Knew her

The "Hamburger University" was established in the Illinois McDonald's restaurant's basement in 1961 by Fred Turner, who would later become the company's chairman.[5] cleanliness of restaurants, service, quality, and processes were the main areas of concentration at Hamburger University. Before they could flip hamburgers in restaurants in the 1960s, McDonald's employees had to get a certificate from Hamburger University. According to statistics, almost 80,000 people hold bachelor's degrees in Hamburgerology as a result of this.
Numerous institutions exist now, and they serve as the foundation again for the fast food chain's primary operational development and training. Do they have a master's program, do you think?

In The US Turned Seven Percent Of Potatoes Into McDonald’s French Fries

10 Things About McDonald’s You Never Knew her

Nowadays, everyone enjoys french fries. They may be referred to as fried potatoes, fries, or chips, but they are fundamentally the same kind of processed meal. Regarding the origin of the incredibly well-liked fatty snack, there is an ongoing argument between the Belgians, Spanish, and French. However, it has been shown that Thomas Jefferson brought them to the country, thus potato growers all across the country should be grateful to him for that. At a supper at the White House in 1802, Jefferson presented the first French-fried fries.
Today, McDonald's French fries are created from around 7% of all potatoes cultivated in the US.[6] The fries are indeed manufactured from actual potatoes and are sliced and cooked similarly to regular chips. Additionally, the company accounts for almost a third of the fries served in US eateries. How is that for potato hegemony?

Justin Timberlake Made $6 Million for the song ‘Ba-Da-Ba-Ba-Bah’

10 Things About McDonald’s You Never Knew her

The "I'm Lovin' It" campaign's jingle will always be a melody that, when it plays inconveniently in our thoughts, makes us crave that greasy pleasure. It was developed by the agency Heye & Partner in German and was the longest-running McDonald's advertisement. It has been broadcast in 120 countries and at least 20 languages since its premiere in Germany in 2003 under the name "Ich Liebe Es"! This was McDonald's first-ever effort to develop a global marketing campaign, and it set the standard for marketing for subsequent fast food establishments.
McDonald's paid Timberlake Justine a staggering $6 million simply to sing the song for the US premiere. They also funded the renowned pop star's 35-city tour of Europe. [7] All this, despite the fact that he didn't even show up in person in the first advertisement! Even while this may seem like a lot, he really ought to be paid more now that we know how much money the jingle has brought in.
Fun fact: Pharrell Williams In November 2003, released the "I'm Lovin' It" EP, which featured the jingle's instrumental version and topped the Belgian charts.

Homeless People Becoming ‘McRefugees’ because of Their ‘Doors Are Always Open’ Policy

10 Things About McDonald’s You Never Knew her

McDonald's eateries in Japan and China are bustling with activity during the day, but at night they transform into makeshift shelters for the homeless. This is particularly noticeable in Hong Kong. After an elderly woman died at a McDonald's in Hong Kong in 2015, her death went unreported for seven hours, the restaurant chain issued a statement saying that they accommodate "all walks of life" while also ensuring experiences positive and that they had found a balance between being caring and accommodating.
These folks have been given the moniker "McRefugees" by the city of Hong Kong. In order to accommodate the elderly customers living below the poverty line, McDonald's restaurants around the city turn down their lights when they arrive late at night to sleep.[8]

Offering Him Unlimited Free Fast Food, Bill Gates Has A McDonald’s ‘Gold Card’

10 Things About McDonald’s You Never Knew her

The affluent and famous tend to receive free everything, even fast food, in stark contrast to the McRefugees predicament. (Discuss how the wealthy are growing richer.) Rob Lowe and Warren Buffet are two more high-profile individuals who own Gold Cards, although, unlike Bill Gates, they are only valid in specific cities and states.[9]
Unexpectedly, the idea isn't exclusive to McDonald's. George Lucas, Jennifer Hudson, and Hugh Laurie are among the "Crown Card" members of Burger King, while the "Black Card," often known as the "High Five," is offered by Nando's. Ed Sheeran is the sole known owner of this, and despite the card's restrictions, he uploaded a selfie online showing off the card, which quickly went viral.
Fun fact: Hugh Laurie obtained his Crown Card from Burger King by acting as though he already had one when conversing with the company's PR department.

To Stop Supporting Child Obesity, Disney Cut Ties With McDonald’s In 2006

10 Things About McDonald’s You Never Knew her

 Have you seen how the renowned Happy Meals have switched from including little Disney toys to other brands? When Disney decided not to extend its agreement with the fast food juggernaut in 2006, the once-adored toy Disney Happy Meal abruptly came to an end. Disney claimed that it takes pleasure in being family-friendly and that it wants to set itself apart from the impending epidemic of childhood obesity.
The deal with McDonald's was found to be valued at around $1 billion and $100 million in profits. Additionally, the collaboration promoted Disney movies and television programs, some of which Disney especially catered to the McDonald's target group. Additionally, Disney has let McDonald's erect booths within its renowned theme parks. Those pauses abruptly came to an end.
Children's movie characters should no longer be connected with junk food, according to scientists, who also advocate for the promotion of nutritious meals. This was seen in McDonald's Shrek 3 advertising, which specifically highlighted healthy Happy Meal items like salads and apple slices.[10]
McDonald's and Disney revived their cooperation in 2018, bringing their animated characters back to Happy Meals.

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