10 about PETA contentious animal protection organization.

Alex Pacheco and Ingrid Newkirk founded PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) in 1980. Although wasn't the first animal rights group, PETA was among the most radical and is well known for organizing outrageous publicity stunts, such as equating the actions of serial killers with the slaughter of animals and holding naked rallies. 

10 absurd Things About PETA

Many of PETA's beliefs are admirable, like those of many radical groups, but regrettably, these are frequently overshadowed by the absurd things that they find offensive. The 10 most peculiar characteristics of the most contentious animal protection organizations in the world are listed below.


10 absurd Things About PETA

It shouldn't be shocking that PETA, which promotes a vegan lifestyle, is vehemently opposed to dairy. They've gone so far as to say that milk is a "racist drink" because some minorities are more likely to be lactose intolerant than others. According to the PETA website, not only is it abhorrent to deprive calves of their milk, but the drink itself can be basically toxic to the human system and causes a long list of health issues, including osteoporosis and asthma. The organization even requested ice cream behemoth Ben & Jerry's to substitute human milk for cow's milk in their recipes to raise awareness of their cause. Unsurprisingly, the plan was a failure.


10 absurd Things About PETA

There might look to be any other safe place to raise a pet than a sanctuary operated by PETA for a distressed pet owner with nobody to go. After all, a group that is so committed to the welfare of all creatures, large and little, would go to any lengths to ensure that Fluffy had the possibility to discover a loving home. Sadly, PETA euthanizes homeless dogs at an alarming rate because they believe doing so is a "kindness".
Over 90% of the animals that have been surrendered to PETA shelters are euthanized, with only a tiny percentage being adopted out. Our euthanasia strategy has not been a secret, according to Daphna Nachminovitch, managing director of cruelty investigations at PETA. This is only one of the several things we undertake to lessen animal suffering.

Human Testing

10 absurd Things About PETA

It is widely acknowledged that using animals in scientific experiments can be rather harsh, but that it is frequently unavoidable when creating goods, particularly medicines, that benefit humans. While rationally supporting techniques like computer programs, PETA vehemently opposes such testing and asserts that people are more adapted to withstand treatment than animals. On their website, they state that "certain medical issues can probably only be resolved by experimenting on individuals who aren't consenting, but we don't do it since we understand that it will be wrong."

Gordon Ramsay
10 absurd Things About PETA

Gordon Ramsay, a celebrity superchef, has frequently been targeted by PETA. He unleashed the thunder in 2007 when he prepared horse flesh on his television program "The F-Word." In retaliation, representatives of PETA dumped a ton of excrement in front of his London restaurant, Claridge's. Recently, PETA unveiled an undercover video shot at the Hudson Valley Foie Gras facility in New York, Sullivan County, which provides a Ramsay-owned restaurant in Manhattan. The ducks are seen in appalling conditions while being fed grain through tubes down their necks in an effort to fatten their livers.

Company Stock

10 absurd Things About PETA

Although it may appear that PETA only uses ridiculous PR stunts to make its point, the group is really far more shrewd. Indeed, they have used a significant portion of their income to purchase shares in the same businesses they dislike, such as fast food restaurants and meat processing factories, where they may use their influence to alter regulations from the ground up. One of these contentious issues included McDonald's and PETA's protests of the manner the fast food company murdered chickens. While other businesses killed their poultry using gas, McDonald's was rumored to have dipped the birds into a charged electrically pool.


10 absurd Things About PETA

The majority of people presumably find campaigns against drinking milk to be ludicrous, while many tend to think that the fur trade involves unnecessary cruelty. Eliminating the trade totally would probably not have a significant influence on society, except for those few individuals whose livelihood depends on growing, trapping, and selling fur. Even radicals like PETA have lately adopted a new strategy, unlike earlier fur protestors who went to such extremes as painting persons wearing minks red.
They have started giving fur to the homeless, which is an edged double blade that not only helps the marginalized but also lessens the elite attractiveness of the clothing. While the pro-fur crowd typically stays to themselves, Lady Gaga, whose awful wardrobe consists of complete menageries of the creatures, has joined the debate thanks to PETA.

Ingrid Newkirk

10 absurd Things About PETA

Co-founding PETA and the brains behind some of its wackier plans are Ingrid Newkirk. One such strategy was the publication of a public will in which she urged that her body be "utilized" in the same way that animals are. She requested that one of her eyeballs be given to the head of the US Department Of Environment, one of her feet be transformed into umbrella stands and that her skin be turned into leather goods. She was to have other portions of her body cut, preserved, and transported all around the world to raise awareness of other issues, such as mink farms and circuses.


10 absurd Things About PETA

In order to raise awareness, PETA has long exploited pictures of naked celebrities. In 2009, NBC canceled a PETA Super Bowl ad that showed scantily dressed women making lewd gestures with vegetables. They introduced a porn website in 2012, but although it does feature some provocative material, it primarily serves as a ruse to draw in unwary people. Videos of animal maltreatment are considerably more disturbing than anything the lustful may like.


10 absurd Things About PETA

Pokemon, a children's brand about fictional beings that engage in combat, is about as innocent a kind of entertainment as one could conceive. It is led by the endearing yellow mouse Pikachu. However, PETA claims that Pokemon glorifies animal abuse in a manner similar to dog fighting. In response to Pokemon's "White & Black" video game, which featured its characters, PETA created "White & Black," a spoof in which the player tries to save animals from their abusive trainers.
PETA has long opposed the video game business, which frequently creates titles with excessive brutality. One of their most absurd and public arguments was with the Super Mario series, especially Mario's raccoon dog "Tanooki" outfit, which you can buy and which gives Mario the ability to fly.


10 absurd Things About PETA

Despite the fact that humans have maintained animals since the beginning of time (and many historians agree that domesticating animals was essential to the development of civilization.), PETA is dedicated to a world in which people cannot keep pets, On their website, they make the following claim: "The self-centered urge to own animals and get affection from them causes tremendous pain." They see a future in which we will gradually neuter our cats and dogs to extinction.
Even worse, PETA says that animals like cats and dogs should only be allowed to eat vegetarian food. Due to their obligatory carnivorous nature, cats, in particular, require a diet high in protein, meat, taurine, and fat. They might be capable of surviving for a while on pills and the like, but ultimately their health will deteriorate.

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