The strangest problems for review home warranties

I'm addressing the entire topic of in-review home warranties, I bought a duplex a year ago it was a 230 000 duplex in college station texas, so I am now a  landlord and it's been a great experience.

review home warranties

The strangest problems for review home warranties

so far honestly overall great experience, one of the things that my real estate agent recommended during the house, purchase was to get the sellers to pay for a home warranty just in case anything major happens within the first you know year of you having the house it's to offset kind of anything that they might have left not in great condition or that break suddenly and then you don't necessarily have to pay, for the full cost of the repair or the replacement you only have to pay like a service fee to this company so she got them to pay for a one-year American home shield plus warranty and the cost of that was 795 dollars.

Home warranties Installation Problems

and here is what it was supposed to cover air conditioning built-in microwaves, clothes washer, clothes dryer, one kitchen, refrigerator, dishwasher, stock work electrical, garbage disposal, heating improper installations, repairs or modification.
insufficiently maintained equipment mismatch systems calming, presence of rust and corrosion range, disposal removal of defective equipment undetectable pre-existing conditions and water features which is a pretty comprehensive thing, there are a few things they said they didn't cover, for instance when we had the texas winter storms, they sent out an email being like hey you're gonna have to contact your insurance company, on that because we aren't doing that anything that broke during that, you had to go through your insurance home warranties.
so when I was out searching for properties during that whole process, we had everything inspected, various people came out and made sure that there was nothing major hiding, you know, there hadn't been a fire that was covered up or anything, that we they thought would just explode on us or essentially make the house not worth what it, was everything came back pretty good, there were a few things that were noted that we either just decided to fix ourselves or try to get the sellers to pay for it, and they paid for an of things, and everything was fine utilizing this home warranties, was just kind of a benefit to the process they weren't gonna come down on the price by eight hundred dollars otherwise so fun thing to have and I did utilize, it I actually called in nine service requests I ended up only using them for six or seven, but I called in nine service requests and every time you do a service request, you have to pay a 75 fee if they end up coming out, you get refunded   if they cancel it, but that is supposedly all you will have to pay, if you utilize the home warranties which can be really good, because for instance if your fridge breaks and you only have to pay 75 to get it replaced, for just like 1500 bucks the home warranties that I got from American home shield was really good over the past year for some things and they were really really not good for some others.

do we recommend home warranties?

do we recommend home warranties I'm gonna tell you what I recommend them, what I don't recommend them, for and why and kind of my experience in the last year dealing with and utilizing my home warranty, and if I will be renewing my home warranty at my own cost which would be eighty-five dollars a month or a thousand twenty dollars for the year.
so the very first service request that I called in was in June, and very shortly after I purchased the property, I had a call from the renters and they said their garbage disposal was broken, went over couldn't fix it myself, and so I called the home warranty paid the 75 dollars.
when I got a washer and dryer for my side of the unit Jacob installed them, we screwed everything in and on together and when we turned it on the water sprayed everywhere, and he said he tightened it but he didn't want to strip it, so he put it in a warranty request paid 75 dollars.
in June in texas, and it was extremely hot, and we had to get out of our old apartment, we were moving all the furniture and everything, there were professional moving people involved it, couldn't wait two weeks, it was extremely it was like 100 degrees that day so we ended up having to cancel that request.

Are home warranties really worth the money?

are home warranties worth the money, a question one local woman is asking after waiting on a new furnace for several weeks long time, especially in the cold? she says she thought her home warranties had her back.
many of you at home may have thought about getting home warranties so if something breaks, you can expect the company to step in and fix it.
could you afford a new furnace? no, which is why I have the home warranties. I thought it would get fixed quickly.  
it would take about a week to replace it, so I *-detailed and waited. by then I started calling every day and they would say the same thing, it is awaiting the manager's approval. samantha: Desai someone finally called her back saying her furnace was on order but told by the company that it was going to cost her more than $800 to replace it. she said she already pays $49 a month for the policy. so it was frustrating. she didn't have much of a choice, so she waited another couple of weeks. 
it's really cold, so I need my furnace fixed, when she couldn't get help with the furnace, these concerns to home warranties of America, and a spokesperson for the company responded, saying, home warranty of America serves hundreds of thousands of homeowners across the u.s., and we consider our customer service to be of the utmost importance.
we have come to a mutual understanding that ensured her needs were met and her furnace should be installed soon. we apologize for any inconvenience. demand looks forward to continuing to serve our home warranties, and customers, in the future.


the California department of insurance is taking legal action against a home warranty company. they say it's been operating illegally here in the state of California. the NBC 4 i-team broke this story in march. harmony home warranty was ghosting customers who filed claims in their policy and then wouldn't take their calls.
commissioner records allege harmony sold home warranty contracts without proper authorization in California.
 failed to fix their HVAC system and did not return their calls for weeks. saying dozens of harmonious customers had reported similar complaints.
i-team harmony issued a  statement to the broomers saying in part the consumer failed to pay her monthly installment of  $29.16 for October, November, and December making the plan and her service obligations null and void.
the broomers dispute that saying it was harmony the that had an issue in billing and payments would be deducted directly from their bank account.
we do have a licensing process for businesses they have to maintain a license and if they fail to meet requirements they're no longer licensed to do business in California.
>> it's not that a huge amount of money has been lost in this whatever. in many cases, it's very hard to recover these monetary damages. we can ask for a monetary penalty for a company that violates its licensing rules.
in California, but in many cases that will not cover all of the multiple losses homeowners incurred from this neglect.
they've been operating in  California without a license. the company which is based in new jersey has not responded to those questions as of yet. but the department of insurance says if you're currently paying on one of these warranties you should stop because again that's not breaching a contract if it's not legally enforceable by a  license here in California. they also encourage you to go to their website and look up insurance companies or home warranty companies to make sure they're licensed before you spend any of your hard-earned.

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